Somalia will host the National Consultative Forum on 12 -13 December 2015, in the capital Mogadishu, as a follow up to regional consultative forums on the 2016 electoral process, which were held across the country, to deliberate on different options for the formation of an electoral college next year.

This being a significant event for Somalia, there will be web and TV live streaming of plenary sessions for the two days; with a possibility of a third day.  All material will be available for free.

Provisional program start:

  1. i) Saturday 12 Dec 2015 – 07:00 GMT(10.00 EAT) – 11.00 GMT (14.00 EAT)
  2. ii) Sunday 13 Dec – 2015   10:00 GMT (00 EAT) – 14.00 GMT (17.00 EAT)

Please note that there will be a possibility of extending the feed to Monday 14 December 2015. To access the live TV feed, use the parameters below;



Parameter     Value
Satellite     Arabsat 5C
Center Frequency Down Link     3719.25MHz/LHCP
Band Width     3 MHz
SR     2.22
FEC     3/4


A web link will be available from the afternoon of 11 December 2015.


Thank you.

Toos U Dhageyso Radio Danan


Suldaanka Beesha Biimaal Suldaan Axmedey Suldaan Maxamed Suldaan Cali Ciise