Ramadhan Message of hope

Bismillah –

Peace be upon you. I wish you peace in the month of peace and at a time when peace around the world has become a commodity that is hard to find.

It was a great blessing to see Muslims united at the start of the month of fasting. Let us hope – by the grace of Allah – we will celebrate Eid together inshallah as one global community.

I hope this unity will be the start of a unified and a stronger bond between the scattered hearts of the believers inshaAllah.

Muslims should take this opportunity to reflect on our situation as a nation – a nation which was described in the Glorious Quran as the best nation but unfortunately has turned into an ugly one.

Our countries are in turmoil. Blood is flooding on the streets of Yemen, Iraq, Syria and many parts of the world.

Killing between believers has become the norm. We have the highest number of refugees in the world. Illiteracy, corruption and political instability has become rampant and widespread throughout our nations.

We live in a state of contradiction where on one hand we have abundant wealth which we don’t know what to do with. We are competing to build high rise buildings, spend in lavish activities. We are doing all this while our own people not far from our shores are starving and dying from hunger.

We no longer exercise noble qualities of our prophet, peace be upon him such as respecting diversity in opinion. Anyone who disagrees with my group is bound to hell and his throat should be slit.

We fight and quarrel over trivial matters such as the start and end of the blessed month, the length of trousers and so on.

Extremism is gaining momentum. It is either my way or the highway.

You can hardly find two mosques putting their hands together for the sake of unity.

It is alarming to see the growing trend of extremism in the community. You will see youth tending to discard all the rich knowledge left for us by our predecessors. They try to make the religion so narrow to the point that anything that goes against their way of thinking is considered evil.

The four school of thoughts such as Shafii, Hambali, Maliki, Hanafi are all discarded in the garbage bin.

It is important for the community as a whole and most importantly every member of the community to do self analysis especially during this month.

We should ask. What went wrong. Why our situation has deteriorated to this level of despair and disarray.

Are we really the best nation which is supposed to be a source of guidance and hope to the rest of the world.

It is important to go back to the teachings of our deen and rediscover the treasure that has attracted our forefathers to this faith when they came in contact with early Muslims.

Do you think our forefathers would have accepted Islam if the behaviour of the Muslims they interacted with was ugly and repugnant?

Don’t be judgmental. You don’t know the ending. Remember the story of the prostitute who is admitted to Janna for showing mercy to a thirsty dog while a pious woman was sent to hell for imprisoning a cat without food.

No one knows how our ending is going to be. If you are fascinated by a particular way of thinking, that is fine. But don’t start looking down at others who might not agree with you.

Jannat is not exclusive club to your particular jamaat. It is big and vast enough to accommodate all of us inshallah.

Let us turn to Allah especially during these blessed ten days and pray to Him with utmost humility and sincerity for the betterment and well being of the humanity.

May Allah accept our fasting and good deeds and make us good Muslims. Aamin.

May Allah remove the suffering from all those in pain. Restore peace and justice on earth and help us to live as pious Muslims who behave nicely and with mercy as our Prophet, peace be upon him was.





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