aminartsDear Ladies and Gentlemen,


Being a Somali and a human rights activist of repute by his standards, I would like to tell the world and more so the leaders of the western nations who have a heart to see Somalia out of the abyss that it has thrown itself into, that Somalia is indeed far from being on the road to recovery and that, the current team of leadership led by the President, his Prime Minister and the Speaker of the Parliament are a group of persons who have proven not to have the will and determination to buy back the long lost confidence and trust that, the ordinary Somali so dearly needs to be part of re-building the hurt nation let alone piercing broken hearts together.

Rhetoric and well-choreographed speeches laced with wide smiles of President Hassan Sheikh and the robotic dry talk of Prime Minister Saacid and the facial seriousness of Speaker Jawari are nothing but hollow and insincere pledges that are gimmicks to hoodwink the International community to belief their schemes to mint the dying country dry and institutionalize corruption, clan hatred, nepotism with open marginalization of those of whom they perceive to be their enemies with clannish lens and to be kept at bay.

Sir/Madams, if you won’t mind, I would like to enumerate few of the acts that, clearly indicate that, leadership business in Somalia is as usual and that trust for a new Somalia is in fact far from being attained and that what was seen a s skewed leadership during Sheikh Sharif’s time was elementary and the smart elite who took over are nothing but the very lot who use to baby sit warlords and guided their errands, while others led crooked life in the diaspora.

1. Most appointment to Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s cabinet are either die hard members of the dangerous ‘Damul jadid’ sect or persons who are related to them either by marriage or business relation

2. The team deliberately refused to operationalize the federal charter including the establishment of the upper house of federal representation and which would have constitutionally guided the completion of the federal system of governance

3. They, out of malice manipulated the federal constitution and unconstitutionally diluted or deleted part of the initial federal constitution to purposely centralize and control power; something that couldn’t work here before and led to the turmoil which engulfed Somalia since 1991

4. Hassan Sheikh has conducted national appointment like a family affair with all of them being close relatives, Damul-jadid adhere rants or person of business interest. The worst affected is the Office of the President staff, the Military and the Diplomatic appointment

5. The President’s lust to wrest power has even adversely encroached into the security apparatus and that he ensured all Security leadership including sectional commanders are from his family, an issue that has dangerously affected the country’s security to an extent that, Alshabaab which have been on the decline mode regained consciousness and is causing dangerous mayhem all over Somalia with Mogadishu being the most affected.

6. The national security forces are so clan skewed that, all donor funding to recruit, train and equip the national army is all directed towards the President’s kith and kins and to prove doubting thomases wrong , let an inventory be done of the EU and other forces investments in both Uganda and Mogadishu training and subsequent deployments.

7. If anything the only other military support be it in terms of arms, machines , money and materials were channeled to Afgoye, Galgaduud, Baidoa and Galmudug where the top cabinet operatives of the ‘Damuljadid’ have their militias.

8. To prove that President Hassan’s government has caused more harm than good to national security, he recruited in to the national army all militias from his clan, those who invaded regions like lower and middle Shabelle where they took over their farms and properties of innocent citizens and with government arms, logistics and power they are still fighting the helpless indigenous community of the Biimaal, Tuni, Garre and Digil. This is an open state propelled terror which is in actual fact rekindling the clan based war that many thought was coming to an end

9. President Hassan’s pre-mature involvement in trying to humiliate a friendly African neighbor by trying to support Egypt annihilate Ethiopia by asking former President Morsi to launch attacks from Gedo region of Somalia over the Ethiopian dam saga is an open indication of the dangerous cult (Damul-jadid) that has rested power in Somalia and who by any means could seek power even if it meant fighting his own citizen and good neighbors; East African states have reason to worry!!

10. President Hassan felt it fit to negotiate with the leadership of the breakaway region of Somaliland over their destiny without making the issue a national concern and even ignoring the communities in that region who support a unified Somalia and therefore deepening differences in the Somali society.

11. The new Damul jadid’ government cut off the support to regions of Somalia use to get from Arab countries like Sudan in terms of educational scholarships and concentrated all opportunities for community members of the President and his close associates in his cult. The huge Turkey aid in all forms has never gone beyond the Moqadishu save for some few maize sacks that were meant to divide the close knit communities in Khaatumo for political expediency.

12. To prove that, this regime never dreams of stable Somalia since it has never been happy with Kenya’s liberation of the lower Juba and even set up militias under the leadership of a warlord Col. Barre Hiraale with arm and soldiers sent in from Gedo and Mogadishu by working closely with Al-shabaab to take over Kismaayo from Kenyan Defense force and the gallant local fighters led by the Raskaamboni brigade. Suspiciously, President Hassan is a kind of a person who strongly lobbied the UN not fund Kenyan Air and Navy forces to fight Al-shabaab and then where do we draw the line between this government out to protect the Alshabaab and the global terrorists.

13. Peace efforts to create a functional federal government in Jubaland even with recent Addis-ababa declaration, Interestingly, President Hassan has delegated the acting President (Prof. Jawari ) in his absence to go and create a new a region known as North-Western Somalia with some handful residents of Baidoa town; claiming that Jubaland is part of the region and that, the IGAD

supported process was null and void and a slap on the face of the UN, IGAD and more so the generous host Ethiopia.

14. The money that, the world has given with good intention for the creation of a new Somalia is continuing to be pilfered by President Hassan’s junta and the recent UN Monitoring team report is just but the ‘Tip of the Ice berg’ of how deep public resources are being pilfered by these crooks.

15. The danger posed by President Hassan’s government came to the fore when by the grace of God, after the Ethiopian Airforce plane that was shipping arms that came through Berbera port and facilitated by the Ethiopian army and flown to Mogadishu burst into flame and that saved the people of Lower Shabelle and Jubaland from getting killed by arms meant for clan militia and Alshabaab with an intention to subdue the citizen’s ambitions to have their federal governments.

16. The humiliation of the Puntland federal President which surprisingly EU officials had hand in it, speaks loudly of Somalia’s new leadership being far from the track of a Somalia we are yearning for. Imagine the trooping of handpicked regional governors like Gedo representing a region like Jubaland after its creation and fake acceptance by Hassan sheikh whilst the regional President was in attendance.

For Somalis to regain the lost confidence since 1991, we demand the powerful Western nations, the Arabs and especially the scheming, double edged and shrewd Qatari’s and the ambitious investment driven Turks to be careful in the manner they deal and collaborate with these dangerous clique of leadership at Villa Somalia and that resources meant to re-vitalize Somalia should be channeled to regions and federal states as no one has any iota of confidence and trust in President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s government. We need a keen monitoring of ‘Damul jadid’ leadership and control of their ill-intentions to annihilate Somalis on the basis of clan hatred and ideological differences. Stop them from stealing of the poor and setting communities against each other and deter their latest plan to have the people of Baidoa and Kismaayo spoil for war and also stop them from their continued funding of Galgaduud militia to displace the peaceful people of Lower Shabelle.

Toos U Dhageyso Radio Danan


Suldaanka Beesha Biimaal Suldaan Axmedey Suldaan Maxamed Suldaan Cali Ciise